I can't imagine being with you, such a nasty dream, too many hateful imaginations. Mama said that you are cool, But hijueputa you are not that wonderful! You run away and never turn your back, You left me when i am not even born, What makes you think i need you now? i am grown and i no longer need your love neither your affection... I refused to pay attention just like you have done when i was needing... So what! that is your fault, you missed out and me too but i do not feel dolor papi! I am now used to it and i bet you do too. You was ready to let me go before i did and besides we both know there no reason for all. I am sure i have done nothing wrong to you! If there is anything else you do owe me alot of apologies but i am now letting you know that it is not accepted, I will never be over and all my life i will keep wondering why you did what you have done.
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